Dior Homme Intense 100ML



The Opulent Symphony: Notes of Dior Homme Intense

Dior Homme Intense is an opulent symphony that celebrates the art of masculine elegance. Its carefully curated notes create a captivating blend that exudes sensuality and allure. Let’s explore the keynotes that give this fragrance its opulent charm:

1. Top Notes: A Luminous Prelude

The enchanting journey begins with a luminous burst of top notes that exude radiant freshness. The zesty and invigorating essence of Bergamot and Lavender instantly captivates the senses, setting the stage for the opulent adventure ahead.

2. Heart Notes: A Floral Sophistication

As the fragrance evolves, we encounter the heart notes, where the true essence of Dior Homme Intense unfolds. The elegant fusion of Iris and Ambrette Seed creates a floral sophistication that resonates with refined sensuality.

3. Base Notes: The Alluring Finale

The fragrance journey culminates in the base notes, leaving a lasting impression of alluring elegance. The warmth and depth of Virginia Cedarwood and Vetiver meld with the creamy allure of Vanilla, creating an opulent and unforgettable trail.


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