Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense 100ML



The Luminous Mediterranean Symphony: Notes of Light Blue Eau Intense

Light Blue Eau Intense is a luminous symphony that captures the essence of a Mediterranean summer. Its carefully curated notes create a refreshing and captivating blend that embodies joy and tranquility. Let’s explore the key notes that give this fragrance its luminous allure:

1. Top Notes: The Sparkling Prelude

The enchanting journey begins with a sparkling burst of top notes that exude radiant freshness. Crisp Granny Smith Apple mingles with the zestiness of Lemon, instantly transporting you to the sun-drenched orchards of the Mediterranean.

2. Heart Notes: A Lively Breeze

As the fragrance develops, we encounter the heart notes, where the true essence of Light Blue Eau Intense comes alive. The lushness of Marigold and Jasmine intertwines with the aquatic breeze of Sea Breeze Accord, recreating the sensation of a gentle sea breeze caressing your skin.

3. Base Notes: The Serene Horizon

The fragrance journey culminates in the base notes, leaving a lasting impression of serenity and sensuality. Rich and earthy notes of Amber Wood and Cedarwood blend seamlessly, evoking the calmness of a tranquil Mediterranean evening.


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